The truth about making money online: is it possible, and how much?

February 24, 2022 Updated: March 17, 2022
Making money online
making money online, is it possible

When searching on Google for “making money online” at the moment of writing this article, we get more than 12 billion results, This huge influx of articles that promise you to become rich, or at least promise you plenteous money and abundant income, sometimes hides behind it some advertisers who want to sell you a “magic key to making money easily online.”

And when browsing some of these articles, we find titles like these:

  • How to make money online for free?
  • 50 best ways to make money online
  • Top 20 sites to make money fast
  • How to make $5000 a month…
  • Earn $500 a day from home with no skills no investment.

and a lot of similar titles.

What is the truth about making money online?

The truth about making money online is that it is possible. That’s evidenced by the fact that thousands of people are at least making a living online. And a small percentage of those are getting rich!

The question that arises here is: how much money, how-to, and for what effort?

Making money online how much and how to?

If you just want to earn a little online, a few cents up to one or two dollars per day, depending on the time allotted for it, it is very simple,  you do not need any prior experience in any field, and you can start earning from the first day, and even from the first hour, there are dozens, if not hundreds of sites that pay you to take surveys, data entry, convert audio files to text, and even click on ads, watch videos, like some posts, or subscribe to some websites…, but it’s almost nothing, a few dollars a month and for a considerable effort.

If you want a more serious income, a secondary income besides your monthly salary, or a main source of income depending on your free time, there are several ways, but they need seriousness and time. The good thing is that most of these methods grow with time and effort to become a major source of income and even a huge source of income (continue reading to the last paragraph: content creation). We will mention here the most trusted and common of these methods so that access to them is easy and available to everyone

I- Freelance work

According to the Freelance Forward: 2021 report released by work platform Upwork: freelancers made up 36% (59 million) of the workforce in the United States in 2021, and It is not surprising that this number is constantly increasing, as freelance work provides tremendous advantages, such as the freedom to choose the workload, projects, clients, flexible working hours, work location, and price setting.

What are freelancing websites?

Freelance websites are intermediate websites between people who work online (freelancers or sellers) and clients (buyers or employers). These websites guarantee the right of each party in return for a commission that the website gets.

Freelance work ranges according to effort and income from microservices or gigs such as writing articles, translation, design, digital marketing, and social media -starting from a few dollars per service – to working on projects that may take several months to implement and provide a significant income (working by piece or hour).

Here is a selection of Freelancer websites, some of which specialize in micro-services and others are more inclined towards other forms of work such as pay per hour or task.

1. Upwork


Upwork is one of the best freelance websites for finding work, no matter what type of freelancer you are.

Those in web development, graphic design, customer support, and even freelance writing will find that Upwork has much to offer.

With over three million jobs posted annually, the seemingly unending feed of jobs related to your skills postings and continually updated, from small businesses to huge corporations.

You can choose from short to long-term contracts and fixed or hourly rates.

Upwork has multiple ways to connect clients and freelancers. Clients can choose to post a job and hire talent or buy a predefined service from the project catalog. Freelancers can access the job board to make a proposal or offer a service to sell.

Commission: 20% (for the first $500 earned with a client), then decrease depending on earn.

2. LinkedIn


Many people think LinkedIn is only a social networking platform, but it is much more than that. LinkedIn has tons of resources related to business, including jobs, providing an easy way to find jobs in various fields.

Unlike classic social media, LinkedIn is a professional networking site, whatever your field, especially if you’re creative, you should have a LinkedIn profile. A comprehensive LinkedIn profile can open up more job opportunities. The networking opportunities get you exposure to professionals from 200 countries.

On LinkedIn, you can search and find jobs in various fields for free, but also have Premium subscription plans.

The most important thing in LinkedIn -especially for freelancers- that you can’t find on any other freelance website is “LinkedIn Learning” which allows you to acquire skills and tools essential in today’s marketplace with expert-led courses in almost every field. To note that LinkedIn purchased -the famous training courses platform- for $1.5 billion in 2015.

You can join millions of members on LinkedIn Learning -the first month free – to grow your skills and advance your career.

Commission: N/A, but also have Premium subscription plans.

3. Toptal


Do you want to be part of the top 3% of freelance talent in the world? Then Toptal is for you.

Toptal is a freelance website that connects highly qualified freelance industry experts with companies. If you think you’re skilled and have accumulated experience in Software Development, Design, or Finance, then you have the chance to put yourself in front of some pretty big names like Airbnb, Shopify, and Duolingo.

You have to apply to Toptal as a freelancer which requires passing five steps of the screening process, from a comprehensive English evaluation to a project assessment. Failing the test will put your application process on hold for up to a few months.

Commission: Toptal doesn’t take any commission from freelancers.

4. Fiverr


Fiverr is one of the most famous sites in freelance work; it got its name because it originally facilitated quick freelance gigs for five dollars.

Note that on Fiverr, freelancers are called sellers, their services – gigs, and business owners – buyers.

Sellers can sign up for free, list their gigs, and set their prices. Meanwhile, buyers can simply browse through different categories to purchase.

Fiverr is one of the more competitive marketplaces due to its tremendous popularity. With this high competition, you’ll be under more pressure to lower your prices, which can make it challenging to charge the rates you may want.

However, once you get started and get good reviews, the platform will boost you and clients will continue to come to you.

Commission: 20%


Freelancer is another huge online platform that can provide you with a wide range of opportunities with more than 1800 categories, including logo design, graphic design, website design, mobile apps, and much more.

There are various contests, such as visual or design work, in addition to projects. These contests can help freelancers earn money while also getting positive reviews on their profiles.

Each job posting includes an average bid as well as the current number of bidders, so you know what to expect before you apply.

Like Fiverr, is one of the more competitive marketplaces, when bidding for jobs, keep in mind that there are many other freelancers who can do the same for a few dollars (even if it’s low-quality).

If competition isn’t in your nature, you’re better off going for another freelance website on this list.

Commission: 10%

6. 99designs


For freelance designers looking for jobs, 99designs is the best place to start, Due to its specialization in design; it connects freelancers in over 90 design categories with clients around the world.

On 99designs, there are two methods to get work: freelancers can work directly with clients on a 1-to-1 project and get paid, or compete with other designers in contests to earn money and new clients, whereas 99designs encourage long-term connections between freelancers and clients.

The contests method might be risky where only the designer who does the best job and answers the client’s vision will be rewarded. However, if you want to refine your skill, interact with clients, and build your portfolio, it’s worth it.

99Designs charges a $100 introduction fee to match you with clients as well as platform and payment fees.

Commission: depends on the designer level, Top Level (5%), Intermediate Level (10%), and Entry Level (15%).

7. Dribbble


Dribbble is a leading global community for creative talents to meet, connect, and interact with each other.

Designers and artists use this website to build portfolios, get inspiration and connect with potential clients.

Having a high-quality profile can increase your chances of getting hired; creating a work portfolio by uploading your designs is a great way to market yourself and to show potential clients what you’re capable of.

Another option to find work is to access a job board. However, access is limited to premium users. Dribbble has a premium version that ranges from $5 to $15/month.

Users need to upgrade their account to Dribbble’s premium subscription in order to apply to freelance jobs.

A premium account will also get priority placement in the hiring search listings. In addition, premium users can upload videos and multi-shot images to their profiles.

Commission: N/A, premium versions (Dribbble Pro: $5/month, Pro Business: $15/month).

8. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelancing platform known as the place to find a job quickly, In comparison to other freelancer services, PeoplePerHour claims to do a better job of matching clients with designers, avoid wasting their time searching for the right fit, using artificial intelligence.

As a freelancer, you’ll need to apply and get approved by their moderators to join. It’s important to focus on making a winning profile in order to attract clients and stand out, just like any other freelancer platform.

As freelancers, you can be hired by the hour or project.

Commission: 20% (for the first $350 earned with a client), then decrease depending on earn.

9. Behance


Different from many other freelance sites, Behance is a creative-focused social media platform owned by Adobe.

The site’s social nature might also be beneficial to freelancers, making it a great place to host and show off your portfolio including your creative work to their 10+ million, they have a robust job board ranging from animations and illustrations to website and graphic design.

Because of its social nature, the more profiles you follow, the more posts will display in your feed. It allows you to find additional freelance work options.

Commission: Behance has job posting specials but is mostly subscription-based and fairly expensive.

10. Guru


Guru is another popular freelancing marketplace for freelancers and companies across the globe to work together with a 99% customer satisfaction rate. In this website, freelancers can do Many different types of jobs like Programming, finance, Business, marketing, engineering administrative, Translation, etc.

Freelancers can bid for long or short-term projects and give a fixed price for each project.

Guru has free and paid membership, free membership allows you to send out ten bids per month, paid membership (4 plans) ranging from $8.95 to $39.95 Per Month (paying annually).

Commission : 9% for free membership, 9% to 5% for paid membership

11. Flexjobs


As the name implies, Flexjobs focuses on flexible, remote work opportunities, including freelance, part-time, full-time jobs, and even on-site employees.

Flexjobs ensures every job listed on the website is legitimate. They’re known to hand-screen all openings, filtering out scams and fake companies.

Flexjobs doesn’t display any advertisements on its page and has a highly personalized, advanced search tool, you won’t be bothered by ads and anything you look for will be based on your preferences.

The downside to this one is that Flexjobs doesn’t have a free plan, but they hand-screen every posting, which makes them different from many other freelance websites that have many scam job listings, and that’s what you’re paying for.

To find and apply for jobs, you’ll have to sign up for one of their subscription plans ($9.95/week | $24.95/1 Month | $39.95/3 MONTHS | $99.95/1 YEAR), every subscription gives unlimited access to the job listings.

However, they offer a money-back guarantee if you end up feeling unsatisfied in your first 30 days.

Commission: N/A, subscription plans ($9.95/week | $24.95/1 Month | $39.95/3 MONTHS | $99.95/1 YEAR)

That was a list of the best freelance websites to find work and earn money online in 2022.

Some of these websites focus on microservices such as Fiverr, freelancer. Most of these microservices do not require a high technical level. Just ask yourself: what are the microservices I can provide to others for a small amount, like $5, for example? Sign up for several websites, try to develop your skills, and be patient until you can build an attractive profile over time.

Some of these websites in most of their offers require prior technical or administrative experience, such as Upwork, Toptal, LinkedIn.

When signing up for several websites, it may not take a long time to make your first sell, or complete the first project or task, perhaps, two, or three weeks.

But to earn a decent income from Freelance websites, you need patience and perseverance to build an attractive profile by gaining the trust of customers, The more you complete a good job on time, or sell a service that wins the buyer’s admiration, the more your profile leveled up and the more customers flock to you, and the more you will have the opportunity to get more jobs or sell more services.

II- Selling physical or digital products

Selling physical or digital products

Selling physical products

At first glance, you may think that you should own a physical product in order to sell it, but on the Internet, you can open your own store and sell products without the need to create it, with all that means of costs, studies, planning and various stages of production, how is that?



Dropshipping is a stand-alone field that needs a separate article, but we’ll try to give you a simplified idea:

Dropshipping is a retail method where the store doesn’t actually keep the products it sells

  1. Online retailer (dropshipper) displays some products on his store
  2. A customer places an order for a product in the online retailer’s store (dropshipper).
  3. Dropshipper Automatically forwards the order and customer details to the dropship supplier.
  4. The dropship supplier ships the product directly to the customer in the name of the retailer (dropshipper).

So the process is simply done and Dropshipper wins the price difference.

The most popular sites dealing with Dropshipping are AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon.

Of course, the topic needs some study, and it has its pros and cons that need a separate article.

Selling digital products

What is a digital product?

A digital product is any product whose content is consumed via the digital medium or the Internet: web applications, software, online services, digital books, courses, themes, guides, reports, market research, 3ds models, photos, videos, plug-in…etc.

Selling digital products is one of the best, if not the best, ways to make money online, because of its passive income feature.

What is passive income?

Passive income

Passive income is any incoming cash flow that doesn’t require active involvement or ongoing work. This inflow is passively generated once you “set it up”.

In other words, passive income is a recurring income from onetime individual work, i.e. an individual provides money or effort or both once, and will then receive daily, monthly, or annual cash flows without requiring active involvement or ongoing work.

Some common examples of passive income are real estate income including rental properties, or earnings made from investment portfolios, but the best example of passive income is selling digital products.

So your capital here is the technical knowledge and accumulated experience to create a digital product that offers solutions for existing problems or adds great value to be competitive.

Once you own this accumulated experience, you can study the market to find out which products are in great demand to start with.

You may ask yourself, suppose I did all of that and created a high-quality digital product, but how to sell it?

Content is the king

This leads us to talk a bit about the last paragraph in this article related to content creation. Content is the most important thing when it comes to making money online. Your online presence through your website(s), YouTube channel, content syndication, and social media makes you an influencer, and prints your brand in people’s minds and helps you not only to sell your digital products but to become an online marketer for any product related to your content, besides many others advantages associated with making money online.

Don’t worry, solutions are there.

But do not worry; the big load will not be on your website. Marketing your digital products will primarily be on global websites that have a huge number of visitors and specialized in this field.

These websites sell your digital products for a commission or monthly /yearly subscription.

We will mention here one example, which is Envato Market, because it is related to some paragraphs of this article, and specifically because of its importance in the field of publishing and creating content.



Envato is home to eight huge digital marketplaces, with more than 5,000,000 unique products that allow customers to build their projects and realize their ideas quickly, the platform allows members to buy and sell licenses to use digital items like software code, motion graphics project files, website themes, music, vectors, images, and much, much more.

Millions of people around the world visit Envato to buy and sell creative assets, use smart design templates, learn creative skills, or even hire freelancers.

You may ask yourself how I can make sales in this fierce competition and the huge number of products.

The answer is simple. Let’s take WordPress themes on ThemeForest (Envato market) as an example. The number of themes on this website at the moment of writing this article is over 10,000. That’s a huge number, right?

10,298 WordPress themes on ordered by best sellers, some of these themes have exceeded 200K sales like “Avada” published 2012 with 783,492 sales.

Well, let’s take a look at the recently added themes, just a few days before, you will find that they have started to achieve some sales despite the huge number of existing themes, especially since some of them have been around for years and have built a worldwide reputation through sales, improvement, and updates.

But you will not be surprised by that, if you know that the number of WordPress sites in 2021 is more than 455 million and this number is constantly increasing.

newly added WordPress themes on themeforest
Even some of the newly added WordPress themes start to make sales like Coppola added today (14 sales).

Furthermore, Envato offers you a lot of solutions whether you are a freelancer or a content creator (publisher)

Envato Elements: The unlimited creative subscription

With Envato elements you can enjoy millions of creative assets, unlimited downloads, one-time low cost.

Download graphic, web, and video templates, audio, photos, and more.

Envato Market: The world’s largest creative marketplace

You can find individual items for any budget or project.

Envato Market offers a range of items from WordPress Themes & plugins to Photoshop Actions & video templates.

Placeit by Envato: Instant Mockup, Design & Video Maker

An easy-to-use DIY design tool, Placeit by Envato enables people of all skill levels to create beautiful designs, logos, mockups & videos; straight from their browser in seconds. No design skills or software are required to create professional results.

Affiliate networks

Another way to market your digital product is through affiliate networks, which all international companies use. Even giant and well-known brands resort to these networks to market their products.

If your digital product is high quality, and from a category with high demand, and you pays a good commission, the publisher will pick it up and fly it around the world to start cash flow and generate passive income; and in a very short time, you will find a lot of articles, reviews, videos talking about your product in different languages.

III- Content Creation, Be a Publisher

Here we have reached the last and most important paragraph in this article: Content creation. This paragraph needs more than one article, but we will try to give some general keys to content creation and its importance in making money online.

As we mentioned earlier, the content is the king when it comes to making money online. If you have traffic, you have money. these visitors that come to benefit from your good website content are money, dollars if you use them the right way.

Content creation may be the longest and most serious way to earn money online, but it is the easiest and most profitable way. For example, to be a successful freelancer and make a decent income, or to create a high-quality digital product, you need prior technical knowledge and cumulative experience, you need also a lot of hard work at first if we exclude some micro-services that do not need high expertise, but they will not make huge income.

Content Creation

While making a huge income from freelancing, or selling digital products needs prior technical knowledge and cumulative experience, content creation does not require high expertise in any field, all you need to start is to make the decision, you can take the initiative now, and in two or three days, you choose the niche you want to write content about, buy a domain and host your website, this is the first step to make money online, then practice writing articles, learn SEO and few tools to improve the content, just some skills, and tools that anyone can learn, read an article here, watch a video tutorial there, some SEO tools, learn how to improve the content to be compatible with search engines, how to get visitors, build trust with them, sign up for some “content syndication”, Q&A websites and forum, interact with others, learn how to benefit from social media…etc.

The most important thing is to focus on the content, read about the topics you want to write about, even if you are familiar with them, and try to put your own fingerprint in every article you write. Your content should be useful to the visitors and add value, not just be a tedious repetition of what exists.

If you go the right way, you can start earning money from the first month, not that much money, but seeing your business grow and expand day after day gives you great morale to continue.


Making money online is an indisputable fact, and no sane person can deny that, especially in 2022, and the numbers speak in all fields from digital marketing to content monetization to freelancing…

Freelance work is a suitable place for beginners to start making money online, as well as a comfortable and stress-free working away from company pressure for a retiree who has accumulated experience over decades, allowing him to earn a good income with little effort.

Creating a portfolio that contains a lot of high-quality digital products that have been developed over the years will allow you to have a huge passive income with almost no effort.

Whether you have the knowledge and experience necessary to create digital products or not, content creation is reachable by everyone, it just needs some patience and perseverance, practice, and learning basic skills.

High-quality content + SEO + content syndicates + social media = traffic, and traffic = dollars.

If you have spare time, why not start your website now? Take the first step and buy a domain, that will give you a strong attachment to the idea to continue. To give you more encouragement and enthusiasm, you can now buy your own domain .COM for only $0.98 instead of $8.98 by clicking here and using the promo code 98DOTCOM at the checkout to get your discount.

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