how to get more traffic to your website

April 7, 2022 Updated: April 8, 2022
how to increase traffic to your website
how to get more traffic to your website

In the early days of the internet that you may not have lived through, we used to write useful URLs in a notebook to visit them later. At that time, Google did not exist.

In the early days of the internet, we used to consider web developers to be skilled programmers equipped with modern technologies.

Nowadays creating and hosting your own website or blog is becoming simple and cheap, maybe simpler than creating an email and cheaper than the price of your coffee, even free, sometimes.

Nowadays, As of April 7, 2022, According to Internet Live Stats, there are currently over 1.94 billion websites online, you can imagine the difficulty to have visitors to your website within almost 2 billion websites online.

In this article, we will simplify it for you, and show you some basic practices to pass the obstacle of zero visitors and start building your own audience to get daily visitors to your website.

Getting visitors to your website … Don’t be most bloggers

first of all, we don't want you to think it's impossible to have a good ranking within these 2 billion websites, you have to know that most bloggers don’t put in the effort to get visitors, they don’t stay consistent to keep going, a lot of them stop updating after a few months. They thought they can start getting visitors and making money from the first month!!! In all, most bloggers make nothing than launching a website, don't be most bloggers.

Getting visitors to your website … start the right way

Some of these practices will not give fast results, but they are indispensable and you can’t ignore them, while some of them will give results from the first day, let’s summarize these practices in four points ordered by importance and not by the fast results.

1. SEO: Search Engines Optimization

The first source of traffic for most websites is search engines, especially Google. After launching your website, the first thing you must work on after content quality is SEO: Search engine Optimization, Double check your website for speed and SEO errors to fix them, using Google himself by PageSpeed Insights and using different free SEO analyzer websites, then, say Hi to search engines, tell them that you have a new website with high quality and unique content.

Create accounts and add your website to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex Webmaster, provide them your sitemap.xml and robot.txt and ask them to index your links.

2. Push notification

Push notifications are messages to users in real-time to drive traffic, build audience relationships, and get users back to your website.

A push notification will not give fast results until you build a significant number of subscribers, but if you ignore it, maybe you can reach a good number of daily visitors later in a few months, but you are losing hundreds if not thousands of subscribers Whose can make you hundreds of visits by a simple click when updating your content or publishing a new article, Push notification is becoming indispensable just like Youtube channel subscribers. Start building subscribers from the first day.

3. Email Newsletters, Old is Gold

You may think emails are outdated and constitute a kind of spam, but hey, if they are used in a legal and smart way, will give wonderful results; emails nowadays, represent one of the most powerful tools for digital marketing.

Email is more personal and lets you reach your audience directly in their inbox, and keep them engaged. like push notification, email newsletters will not give fast results until you build a significant number of subscribers, the email newsletters is becoming indispensable so it is important to start building an email list of engaged subscribers from the first day.

To integrate push notifications on your website, one of the best solution is OneSignal which has solutions for almost any platform, no coding, simple integration and configuration.

You have done the three steps above, but still have no visitors!!! That leads us to the fourth steps

4. Traffic “Explosion”

To get visitors from subscribers like Push notification and Email newsletters you have to have visitors first to build subscribers list.

Adding your website to search engines and requests for indexing your content may take time, for example, Google can take from a few days to a few weeks to crawl your website and index all your links. And even crawling and indexing your links, it takes a time to increase your ranking and enrich your content to get significant visitors from search engines.

To start getting visitors from the first day and help Search engines know about your website, which accelerates the process of indexing your links, to start building a list of subscribers and avoid zero daily visitors, you can use what we call figuratively Traffic “Explosion”.

This method consists of putting your website, your links everywhere; spreading your articles all over the internet using Social media, content syndication, Q&A, and forums depending on your spare time.

If you already have an attractive account with a lot of followers on any of the known Social Medias, this will help you a lot, if not, go and create accounts in both popular and professional Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr…

Create your own place or community on Social Medias like “Page” on Facebook, “Space” in Quora, “sub-reddit” on Reddit, “Blog” on Tumblr…

Increase reach and engagement, Focus on the social media platforms that drive the most web traffic depending on your niche, Share links in social media groups, Include referral links on your social media profiles, and publish a part of your new article with a link to your website.

On Reddit you have to join some sub-reddit related to your niche and create your own sub-reddit so you can engage with people and interact with them, create posts to start publishing your articles with links to your website.

On Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Medium you can publish a full version of your article including links to your website.

Pinterest also is a good place to drive traffic to your website, What is nice about Pinterest is, it allows you by default to add a link, there is no rule or restriction to publishing links, you can start publishing your Pin which includes a link to your website or specific article just after creating your account.

If you have more time you can go to, this website helps you get forums and communities related to your niche, click on categories and choose the category in your niche, and you’ll get a list of forums about your niche open some of them, subscribe and start engaging and interact with other people.

There are a lot of other social networks and content syndications like,,,,,, and many other that we can’t cover here, because each website need a separate article, and this article is just a call to action to take note and read about them, but we will talk a bit about Quora as an example of Q&A platform.

Why Q&A (Questions & Answers)?

Because Q&A takes less time to build trust and interact with other people, gaining more view of your answers, there is no limit for you, the only limit is your knowledge, experience, and your spare time.

Why Quora?

Quora is one of the biggest Q&A (Questions & Answers) where you can ask a question, answer a question and create your own space. Quora is not that strict technique platform like Stackoverflow where you have to resolve techniques problems, in Quora you find all kinds of questions, whatever your level you will find a lot of daily questions you can answer, on the other hand, Quora is one of the best places with content related to SEO, web traffic, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, making money online...

On Quora you have to contribute to some space related to your niche and create your own space because spaces give you more freedom to share your links.

But the fastest way to drive traffic from Quora to your website is by answering questions related to your niche and including a link to your article inside your answer for more information, but don’t spam, don’t put a direct link (naked link), don’t put an unrelated link, don’t put a link in every answer, try to put your link one time every four or five answers when is useful to put it.

When answering questions on Quora try to focus on these two strategies:

Strategy 1: Answering Quora recent questions

Why? Because on the recent questions with no or few answers you have more chance of getting an eyeball than the questions with 100+ answers. The new questions' competition is low compared to old questions, which have more than 100 answers where you need to collect many upvotes to rank up your answer.

To find the latest questions to answer, type any topic that you want to answer in the search box and enter. Let’s say you will search questions about "making money online", Set the filter to “Questions” on "By Type" Then “Past hour” “Past day” or even “Past week” to get the latest questions people asked.

quora answering recents questions


Strategy 2: Answering Most Popular Questions Based On Quora Ads Manager

In this strategy you can get more views by answering popular questions with high weekly views Based on Quora Ads Manager. To do that, Click on Ads Manager on your Quora profile. Then, create a new campaign, on the second step “Create an ad set” when arrive to “Choose primary targeting” chooses “contextual targeting” as your primary targeting and choose “Questions” then Click “Bulk Add

quora primary targeting

In the question box you can search any questions for any keyword related to the niche/topic you want to answer.

quora ads manager

let’s try “making money online” the questions are shown with weekly views:

quora statistics answering recents questions

If we check the first question for example “What's the easiest way to make money online?” with 4000 – 5000 views per week, it has 13K followers and more than 4000 answers, which make it difficult to rank your answer, but the number of follower is 13k which means every time we add new answers, all the followers of this question will receive emails notification from Quora, as 13k persons are interested in this question, some of them will come to check your answers, and you will get extra eyeballs even from the most popular question, which is hard to rank.

You can play with the results to find the questions with significant views per week, good number of followers and few answers, try more questions until you find a magic formula.

Reverse Q&A techniques

Don’t rely only on answering questions, ask your own questions in Quora, Stackoverflow, or any related Q&A, you have a problem with your code, you want to improve your website SEO? ask your question so people can help you. even ask about something you already know about it, maybe you get a smart idea or learn something new, ask for example "how to increase traffic to my website?" In Quora.

When asking a question related to you your website, provide a link, to give more details to people to help you, and on the other hand to get a few clicks you really need in your first days.

Asking a question is just like answering a question, it is a kind of interacting with people.

The idea is simple, if you get for example 10 daily visitors from Facebook, 25 from Quora, 15 from Reddit... etc. you finish with 3000 or 4000 visits per month, which is good for new website and help you get your links indexed and your rank increased.

Rules and best practices

You have to respect the rules of every platform to not get banned, the general rules is : 1- don’t spam, 2- give value, 3- engage with people. Then you’ll be able to share and link back to your website.

Don’t share link directly even if its allowed by platform, try to write a resume of your article, describe what your post is about, simply because these platforms has internal search, which help you rank your content, to appear in results when people search for some related topics, and even more than that, some of these websites are highly ranked in Google like Quora and reddit, which help you get your answer or post resume including link to your website rank highly in Google.

When posting on these website don’t only think of these simple click, take it seriously, think about develop awareness, lets people know about you, your brand, your content, your services, print your brand in their mind.

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